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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that your question is addressed here. If not, please send your question to and we will answer it as soon as we can. 

Viseart Products

Do you test on animals? 

No.  We don't. We love animals.  We test our makeup on ourselves.  In fact, every product we make is tested on the entire team and is only released when it has been used by and approved by Anastasia herself!  This process takes months but we want to make sure that our makeup is perfect for us before we sell it to you.  Additionally, as a French Company we are required by EU Regulation 1223/2009 to not test on animals so we don't need to affiliate with any certificate group. 

Are you coming out with Singles? 

We curate our palettes so that our shades work like a team to help you create the look that you love and that looks good on your skin.  We think of it like a gallery in the Marais; we craft our shades and curate them in a palette. Our Theory palettes, Petit Pro palettes, Grande Pro and many future palettes will feature magnetic pans so that, once you have found your favorite shades, you can create the palettes perfect for you.  

Are the pans different in each palette?

Our Petit Pro and Golden Hour pans are smaller, making them more portable. Our Theory, Pro and Grande Pro Palettes have the same size pans. 

Do all Viseart palettes use the same formula?

Yes! Viseart’s proprietary formula is used in all of our products. 95% of the ingredients in our palettes are the same across the entire product range. The only difference is the pigment mix required to make the various shades and dimensions.

Why do you use cardboard packaging for the Theory, Petit Pro, and Grande Pro palettes?

We designed and created our packaging to pack the most Viseart into the smallest, lighest, and most protective packaging possible. They are stylish and similar to the incredibly designed products such as beats and apple. The special film makes them easy to wipe and they are fully recyclable when you have hit pan! ]

I’m experiencing fallout! What do I do?

With such a heavily pigmented and high quality product, one does end up needing softer brushes! We recommend and their Esum brushes that go perfectly with Viseart kits! Go check them out!

Buying Viseart

Do you have a store near me? 

Right now we only have a private, appointment only store in our Paris Lab for Professional Makeup Artists.  If you'd like to try our products please look at our list of Stockists to find the closest retailer near you.  We are growing our business and look forward to being able to offer our makeup at more retailers across the globe. Wherever you live in the world you can buy Viseart right here on our website- we ship globally.

I bought a Viseart palette online (not on this website) or at my local retailer and I need to return it. What can I do?

Unfortunately we are not allowed to get involved with our retailers’ return policies. Please contact the retailer where you purchased the product to inquire about their return policy.

Can you send me samples?

We are a small and upcoming brand and currently don’t have the bandwidth to send samples. However, we look forward to the day when we can share items with our most loyal supporters!

What trade-shows do you go to?

We are at all IMATS and TMS shows. Come say hello!

I’m in Paris. Where can I buy Viseart?

Unfortunately, our shop and lab are not open to the public, it is by appointment only for pro artists. Please contact us at and please include the items you are looking for so that we can tell you if they are available for purchase!

Buying in the Viseart Boutique

How will I receive my order?

Most orders will ship ground and will arrive within to 5 to 7 days. You will receive an email notification when your order has shipped. 

Do you ship international?

Yes! Wherever you are, we will get you the Viseart you want.

What's your return policy?

Please see the Exchanges, Shipping & Taxes section of this website.

I need to talk to someone, how do I that?

Please email  We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Do you offer pro discounts? 

Yes! We offer 20% off all of our products in our Pro Store. Please see our Pro section for information on how to apply.


Whom can I contact for press inquiries?

If you would like to feature or credit Viseart please contact Note that we do not have a public relations firm nor do we pay for product placement.

I’m a blogger and I want to collaborate?

We are a small and upcoming brand and are currently unable to do partnerships. However, we hope that you will think of us in the future as we expand our company with help from supporters like you!

Do you have an affiliate program?

Presently we do not work with affiliates, nor do we have an affiliate program. We hope in the future as we grow our brand to have this in place. Often times retailers we sell to do have an affiliate program so check our stockists list!

I’m an artist and I want to credit Viseart Paris for gratis product. Can you do this?

Thank you for being interested in having Viseart assist in this. We are not set up in the way that other makeup companies are set up that gift for shows, and promote themselves in this style. We are a privately owned company with a very small team and we have our own lab/factory that we fund. We do not have the margin to assist in projects such as this at this time. We do assist artists who work closely with our internal artistry team, but we have an allotment that we reach quarterly and we cannot go over that amount. However, we hope that you will think of us in the future as we expand our company with help from supporters like yourself!

Are your questions not answered here?

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